No bird ever flew nonstop from New York to Tokyo, or raced 15 miles high at triple the speed of sound.                                                                                                   
  But birds do something else.
  They do not conquer the air; they romance it.

  Peter Garrison


Jur's RV7 Aircraft Factory
1566 hours and counting...                      

Some decisions in life are bare of any obvious logic.

My name is Jurgen Roeland, I live in Belgium and I'm very proud to call myself an aircraft builder. Wish you a warm welcome to my builders blog.

 Some people called me nuttzzz. Some people buy a porche when they get into the mid life crisis age. Other people take a second wife. Others get depressed.  I decided to start building an airplane.  A what ???? Yes, an airplane ! I skipped the phase of building the small plastic versions with glue and paint and went right into the real thing. My time is precious now so let's cut the obvious questions upfront. I heared them too many times already so here is the -mandatory FAQ reading- if you plan to visit my workshop.
 "You're building an airplane?" : Yes, I am.
 "A REAL airplane?" : Yes"
 "In your garage?" : Yes. "
 "One you can actually fly in?" : Yes!
 "You can do that?" : Yes!!!

If you look at history, it's been thousands of years that people have dreamed about flight and it's only in the last 100 years that we have now the opportunity to build our own airplanes and fly. The current project work is the results of years of deliberation, evaluating and planning. I took the advice of other builders very seriously. The better you plan upfront, the less problems you encounter later. The type I have decided to build is the Van's aircraft, RV-7. I will motivate my choice in one of the subsections of this site.

I hope you enjoy following my building adventure and that you will return frequently to check on the progress. The latest activity will always be posted on the main page. You can also subscribe by RSSfeed. This will send you an email each time I post new progress. For subscription, click on the RSS icon in the bottom of the left menu on this page.

For people that live nearby, feel free to come and have a look. Don't forget to bring a six-pack. The most frequently used lubricant in my workshop is called "Jupiler", bring some as I'm frequently running out of stock.

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Did you find my blog helpfull or do you want to support my project. Feel free to make a small donation using paypal. Any gift is welcome. Every cent helps.

Hobbs meter

    Start Done Time  
  Horizontal Stabiliser  01/01/11 22/01/11 79h  o
  Vertical Stabiliser  22/01/11 05/02/11 27h  o
  Rudder  05/02/11 06/03/11


  Elevators  06/03/11 23/08/11 113h  o
  Wings 01/09/11 31/12/12 728h  o
  Fuselage 01/01/13  ongoing  511h  






Random Image


Meeting a living legend

At the Oshkosh airventure 2013, I took this cool shot with Richard VanGrunsven, founder and CEO of Van's aircraft. We had a short chat after he came out of a presentation where he attended putting the young eagles project in the spotlights.

Richard -usually known as "Dick" or "Van" was born in 1939 and became an American aircraft designer and kitplane manufacturer. These days his kits are so popular that the number of VanGrunsven-designed homebuilt aircraft produced each year in North America exceeds the combined production of all commercial general aviation companies.

Legal Mumbo-Jumbo

It’s possible (not likely) that I’m not as smart as I think I am. (Occasionally, I have moments when I know this to be true. Fortunately, the feeling passes quickly.) Although I have tried to make this information as accurate as I can, it is not only possible, but also quite likely, that erroneous and misguided information lurks within these pages. I cannot and do not warrant these pages to be error free and correct. Furthermore, I accept no liability for the use of this (mis)information. And, as many would say, your mileage may vary. If, after reading this, you are intent on proceeding, please be aware that the contents of this site are protected by copyright (copyright © 2011 and 2012). Nonetheless, you may copy this material subject to these two conditions: (1) any information used is for non-commercial purposes, and (2) the source of the material is properly credited. Of course, you may link to any page herein. At some articles, snippets of the plans from Vans are visible. These are for educational and illustrations purposes only and should never be used as plans for part construction or assembly as plans may have changed since the picture was taken and more important they are protected by Copyright by the Vans Aircraft Mothership company.

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