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  But birds do something else.
  They do not conquer the air; they romance it.

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Some decisions in life are bare of any obvious logic.


I have not yet started designing a panel layout.

Up to this point, I'm quite convinced to use the Garmin G3X touch system for my main instruments.

Going for a dual screen setup with dual garmin autopilot installed. (Configured with 2 GSA 28 integrated servos for pitch and roll autopilot)

With 2 displays, you can configure your panel to provide more information in the least amount of space. Seamlessly integrate two 10.6-inch displays. Configure 1 display as a split PFD and MFD, and the other as a dedicated display for a variety of features, including traffic, geo-referenced charts or engine information. A cobnfiguration like this also offers full backup capability in case one display fails.

Each G3X Touch system comes with :

  • 1 or more displays (with or without SiriusXM weather capability)
  • Air Data, Attitude and Heading Reference System (ADAHRS) sensors
  • Magnetometer, which determines the aircraft’s magnetic heading
  • Outside air temperature probe
  • Engine Indication System (EIS) interface with engine sensor kits.

The G3X Touch comes equipped to take advantage of Connext, which is anetwork link and in-cockpit wireless connectivity system which can connect a mobile device to your flight system.

It shows engine parameters, moving map, PFD, ND and drives the autopilot servo's.

Some video sampling the G3X at Sun'n Fun  here.

Another full scope G3X flight solutions video presentation by Garmin  here


So far, I already purchased the following components related to the instrument panel :

- throttle quadrant

- magnetic compass

- starter contacts


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