No bird ever flew nonstop from New York to Tokyo, or raced 15 miles high at triple the speed of sound.                                                                                                   
  But birds do something else.
  They do not conquer the air; they romance it.

  Peter Garrison


Jur's RV7 Aircraft Factory
1566 hours and counting...                      

Some decisions in life are bare of any obvious logic.

The Workshop

Before you can start building anything at all, you will need to get some sort of workshop.

This can start very small with just a room in your home as long as you are building the empenage kit. There is no need for an aircraft hangar when you start building but you will soon find out that space is always a problem and that in cramped places, you tend to loose a lot of your stuff just because it's so much more difficult to organise.
The advantage of being able to build in your own house - definitly in the beginning - is that you don't have to physically move to another location to do something. When you have a local room, you will be there much more frequently and your project will move faster. That way, you can easily slip into your workshop and do something small, even if it's just for a half hour. And that's one of the key points in the building process. Keep at it ! Stay busy all the time !

VANS Aircraft recommends having a shop the size of a double car garage.
I started of in a one car garage. It was often too small when I started with the wings. Certainly as I wanted to build both wings simultaniously. Once I started the fuselage front, the garage was just too small.

For the construction of different parts which are build as individual parts such as elevators, empenage, flaps,..., many manufacturers are in their garage or in their cellar or even a spare room.

Fortunatly I moved to a newer home with a double car garage and now my workshop is much more luxurious and also more fun to build. However, I can already see the lack of space growing once the canoe will be ready and rolled over.

So my advice on this would be: yes, look for size and make sure your workshop can be easily heated during those cold winter months. But there's nothing wrong with starting small and moving along the way.

For mating the wings, my terrace is large enough now and enclosed so that the plane can stay outside under a tent for the time it takes to drill those two holes that define the inclanation of the wings.
But then again, at some point, I will have to find a bigger place like a hangar on an airfield to finalize the last bits. But we’re not there yet, one thing at a time …

Some final remark on the word "Fortunatly" that I used some sentences above.

Well actually it was not fortunately... remember one thing very well when you start your build process: the is a law of nature for airplane builders.
A lot of builders go through the following three changes in life during the building or their project : many of us builders have changed House, changed Job and changed Wife

I was convinced that was all just bullshit and nothing like that would happen to me.

Currently I already had two of these events taking place into my life. This article talks about the house, you'll find out about the second one as your read through my blog.

Caution !

Some advice on reading my log for fellow builders !

In some articles, I made corrections at later date on the original article to rectify my own stupidities or faults. Read through the entire article if you intend to use my findings/experiences on your own project !

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