No bird ever flew nonstop from New York to Tokyo, or raced 15 miles high at triple the speed of sound.                                                                                                   
  But birds do something else.
  They do not conquer the air; they romance it.

  Peter Garrison


Jur's RV7 Aircraft Factory
1566 hours and counting...                      

Some decisions in life are bare of any obvious logic.

I was invited on sat 6 nov by Bernard Van De Sijpe. Bernard is building an RV7-A in Nodebais, near Bevekom (Beauvechain).
He is currently working on the electrics and the instruments.

Bernard also had David De Ridder and Fred Borloo over to meet me. Both ATPL pilots and also building Vans. David and RV8 and Fred an RV7 quickbuild.

They overwhelmed me with lots of information and I am very happy I met some more people that are as crazy as I am about plane building.

I got some nice tips on tools that need to be ordered right away that are not part of the rv builders kits. This will save me some bucks in additional transports with FedEx.

Bernard invited me to do some initial technique building sessions once my empennage kit has arrived in order to get the basics right.

I owe you guys some sixpacks.


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